September 11, 2008

Actor as brand

I was reading the most recent issue of Conde Nast Traveller and Matt Damon was profiled. I finished the article three days ago. Overall, I have always been a skeptic of actor as promoter of message. I understand the desire and the power, but always remain a skeptic. The article, was pretty good and went quite a ways in changing my views of Matt Damon, it was on message and for a powerful cause.
Yesterday I read and then say Matt Damon trashing John McCains pick for VP. While I have nothing against freedom of speech and expression, I question Hollywoods surprise at their continued revenue decline, there is a reason the old Hollywood kept such a tight leash on their actors, shelf life and brand power. This little incident again changed my view of Matt Damon, I still appreciate his charity work, but am again put off guard by the person.

Now, we have Pamela Anderson trashing Sarah Palin in Canada. After all this time do actors not realize that this unhelpful for their brand. It limits their ability to earn an income over the lifetime of their career. That is unless of course you are someone like Bill Maher, but that is a diffrent story, someone trying to serve a niche market, not the mass market like Matt Damon and Pamela Anderson.

To be clear, I am not saying that actors should not have opinions and should not express themselves. However they should be careful how they express their opinions.

Kids and Logos

I do not think I even realized the importance of a powerful logo, or at least a colorful and distinctive logo, until I had kids. When my daughter was 17 months, possibly younger, she knew the Jamba Juice logo and would express a desire to stop and enjoy some.

At 2 years she knew the McDonalds logo, yes I wish I were a better cook. Now at 3 1/2 she knows the FedexKinkos logo/sign, though now that she can quite confidently express herself she is not expressing a desire to visit - perhaps a desire to get the stop finished as quickly as possible.

This also goes towards the power of packaging and kids. It is amazing to realize how my now 15 month old boy can distinguish between the different food products in the kitchen.

September 6, 2008

Hydrox Cookies

I have a emotional attachment to this cookie and was surprised to see this package in my local Safeway yesterday, especially after this WSJ article in January. - The Hydrox Cookie Is Dead, and Fans Won't Get Over It*

September 4, 2008

PF Chang's

What does it say about a company - when you receive a gift card promoting their new grill items with a link to a special website - you go to the restaurant to see what the new fuss is about - and the item you receive is nothing like the description online?

original url -

The above image is how the item is supposed to look - now imagine the meat barely sliced - all still connected - on a square plate filled with piles of what looked like the mushroom discards and some asparagus.

Tell me how that compares to the PF Chang description here -

To top it off - the service messed up a whole lot of other stuff - did not ask what type of rice - did not bring soup - slow to bring appetizers and entree - server verbally expressed desire to turn table.

Oh well.